Searchable Property Attribute Updater

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 allows you to use advanced find to query database records. One of the common problems is that all attributes for an entity are displayed in the attributes list to create filter, even those which are not used or not on the entity form.   

When you want to define some attributes as non valid for advanced find, you have to open each attribute properties, modify the search capability value, save the attribute and then publish the entity.   


The tool allows you to display the list of all attributes and select if you want them to be searchable or not. In only one action, you can set all attributes searchable property for one entity.   


  • Load all attributes
  • Select all attributes which are on form or not
  • Select individual attribute
  • Apply all changes in one action

Known limitation:   

Some attributes searchable property can’t be updated, like the primary key attribute. It’s a Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 limitation.   

How to use the tool    

  1.  Click on the button “Load Entities” to display the list of entities. Select one entity.  
  2.  Click on “Load Attributes” button to display the list of the attributes for the selected entity  
  3. You can see on the attributes list: 
    1. The display name 
    2.  The logical name 
    3.  If the attribute is displayed on the formThe checkbox indicates that the attribute is searchable. If you don’t want it to be searchable, untick the checkbox.  

  4.  You can use the bulk selection checkboxes: 
    • Select/Unselect all attributes which are displayed on the form 
    •  Select/Unselect all attributes which are not displayed on the form 
  5. You can also click on the button “Reset” to put back the initial state of each attribute. 
  6.  Finally, click on button “Update Attributes” to apply the searchable property values. 

4 Responses to Searchable Property Attribute Updater

  1. Pavan says:

    Excellent. This tool is very usefull. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Keith says:

    Will you be making one for CRM 2011? The one you made for CRM 4 was a GREAT help! – Thanks!

  3. […] any entity. This tool offers replication of the Layers, columns and width increasing consistency. Searchable Property Attribute Updater –The tool allows you to display the list of all attributes and select if you want them to be […]

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