Header Builder

One request from my customers is often to customize the header of the web application. They don’t want especially to have the Microsoft Dynamics CRM logo on their application.

This tool was made to ease the integration of your own logo in the header background of the CRM application. It has basic functions:

  • Image selection (PNG transparency is managed automatically)
  • Color range to replace with transparency
  • Logo size
  • Logo position  
  • Resulting image saving

How to use the tool

This is quite obvious:

  1. Select a logo (can be any common image type)
  2. Choose the color range  to replace with transparency
  3. Play with width, heigth and positions to display the logo as required
  4. Click on the button “Save resulting pictures” to save the new header

The resulting image must be paste to the following location : <crmWebRoot>\_imgs

The resulting image must have the name masthead.jpg

As it is an unsupported procedure to replace the masthead.jpg file, make a backup of this file first!


3 Responses to Header Builder

  1. Francisco Ceia says:


    Despite being unsupported, this is not recommended for a multi-tenant scenario, right?
    All organizations will forcebly have the same logo…

  2. mscrmtools says:

    yes, that’s it

  3. Albert says:

    In other hand, it will make some people sooooo mad

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